publish web2 account enteries to weblog automatically

Major part of items and entries that were posted to weblogs now enter services such as friendfeed, twitter, myspace, etc. but we can have services and blogs together.

Merge several views of your online world! Splice your blog post with your entries in services such as friendfeed, twitter, delicious, digg, stumbleupon, furl, facebook, myspace, greader, ma.gnolia, reddit, mixx, pownce, plurk, tumblr, flickr, Webshots, zooomr, picasaweb,, youtube, polyvore, disqus, ilike, slideshare, etc.

Connect several services account to weblog in  3 step  and have a daily post of your latest entries of your accounts to your blog automatically. It supports Blogger, WordPress,  Movable Type, Typepad, Vox, LiveJournal and other kinds of blog software.



Getting started

1- Create a new twitter user at or use your existing one


2- Connect your services feed to twitter account by or


3- Connect twitter account to weblog by


This will check your services and daily post new entries to your blog automatically. You just sit back and relax!


My friendfeed publishing automatically to and my greader to


gift to selma


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  1. well, actually i’ve been trying lately to setup my delicious account so that it posts my bookmarks as individual posts on my blog automatically and i know its supposed to work and its not just working. I need to ask u for help at some point my friend.
    By the way, nice try. Although i would see more comments here and definitely more viewers for the same post in Persian. It also seems like u tend to write shorter when writing english. Well, its all quick judgement. So i’ll wait for ur next article and make a much more credible judgement. For now, just keep up the good work

    web3: thanks poay

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